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148 Middle Neck Rd, Great Neck, NY

1 (516) 487-0600

3 Park Plaza upstairs, Glen Head, NY
1 (516) 487 0600

Great Neck Regular Schedule

Glen Head Regular Schedule

Great Neck Summer JULY/AUGUST Schedule

Glen Head Summer JULY/AUGUST Schedule

Private sessions
10 class Package is $1500

About our school


Welcome to A+ Martial Arts, where we provide exceptional martial arts training for kids and adults. Our verified instructors, who have trained in the Olympics, deliver a comprehensive program focusing on self-defense, discipline, respect, and personal growth.

For kids, our classes are engaging and enjoyable, emphasizing character development, coordination, and building self-esteem. Through age-appropriate curriculum, children learn valuable self-defense skills while developing important life skills such as focus, confidence, and teamwork.


"As a fellow martial arts studio owner, it is easy to tell that this is an amazing dojo. Great Sensei's with a great program! Highly recommend! The students are taught high quality martial arts with opportunity to compete in the national and international circuit. Keep up the good work!"

"Great Dojo! My son who is 5 years old performed his very first competition at this Dojo. The moment we walked through the door the team was in place with a warm welcome! My son immediately felt accepted and performed with great confidence. The sensei was great in giving direction of what was expected as far as performance goes, the judges were good and very fair! My son performed very well receiving 2 metals and a trophy! Thank you for a first great experience. My son will continue his passion and will never forget his very first experience. Thank you again."

"This dojo is like no other. Your kids will get to learn from the best Senseis, period! They are so caring, gifted, smart and personable. It's always a pleasure to walk into that place because they have the kids best interest at heart. Whether it's in karate or in everyday life. They teach the kids how to be the best version of themselves. I'm so thankful that both my kids get to learn from this amazing team!"

"A+ Martial Arts has exceeded our family’s expectations in every way. Its leaders are kind, caring, and prioritize safety. Aside from the kids having a blast - Sensei teaches manners, integrity, and discipline.

I encourage anyone who is curious about martial arts to meet with Sensei Adham, Omar, and Yousef. You’ll feel right at home thereafter."

  • How often are the classes held?
    We have a flexible class schedule to accommodate various lifestyles. We offer multiple class options throughout the week, allowing students to find a schedule that works best for them.
  • What style of martial arts do you teach?
    We offer a comprehensive curriculum that combines elements from various martial arts disciplines, focusing on practical self-defense techniques and character development.
  • Are your instructors qualified and experienced?
    Absolutely. Our instructors are highly qualified, experienced, and have received training in the Olympics. They are dedicated to providing top-notch instruction and guidance to all students.
  • Can beginners join your classes?
    Yes, beginners are always welcome! Our programs are designed to accommodate students of all skill levels, including those who have no prior experience in martial arts.
  • Is there a trial period available?
    Yes, we offer a trial period for new students to experience our classes and see if it's the right fit for them. Contact us for more information on our trial offers.
  • What are the benefits of martial arts training?
    Martial arts training offers numerous benefits, including improved fitness, self-discipline, increased self-confidence, enhanced focus and concentration, stress relief, and practical self-defense skills.
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